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Kalpa situated at the height of 2758 m above the sea level and 110 km from Sarahan, Kalpa is a beautiful and main village of Kinnour, across the river Satluze and faces the majestic mountains of the Kinnour Kailash range. These are spectacular sights at the time of sunrise and sunset as the sun rays touches the snowy peaks with crimson and golden light. Access : Nearest Airport (267 km) and Rail Station (244 km) is at Simla. The route is on NH-22 (The Hindustan Tibet Road) which bifurcates to Kalpa from Powari. Buses and Taxis are available at Simla and Rampur. One can also reach Kalpa via Jaluri Pass from Manali and via Kunjam Pass from Keloyng. Climate : In winter, the temperature can drop to below freezing point when heavy woolens are required and for summers light woolens are recommended.

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